Friday, September 11, 2009

Justice League Unlimited Huntress Costume

The Justice League Unlimited Huntress costume was Completed June 2007. The costume was designed by myself and my friend Angela. The costume was sewn by Angela.

Why I wanted to make it:

After watching Justice League Unlimited and seeing how interesting and fun the Huntress character was I was really wanting to build the costume. I knew from the history of the character there were many versions of her costume. After researching and trying to decide which comic book version to do, I decided to just do the JLU cartoon version since that was my favorite portrayal of the Huntress character.

Work in Progress:

I started looking for some lycra dance fabric in black, white and purple. Angela recommended I should purchase a body suit with a high collar and then add the details and cape to it. I found a great dance supply store online and ordered the body suit, shorts and over-the-knee socks. I miraculously found some lycra fabric in the colours I needed, for the cape and purple detailing lines. Bodysuit Link

The belt was bought at a local clothing store and the belt boxes/pockets are actually ring boxes from Claire's Accessories, painted to match the purple. I found some purple eyelets to push into the boxes as "faux buttons". I attached two small elastics though the back of the boxes and then slid them onto the belt. The wig was purchased off ebay.

The mask for the costume was custom-made from a seller on ebay. Link I sent them my design as per the exact measurements to my face... sometimes its good to know how to use a design program that you can draw vector graphics in!

The boots where also found on ebay and the purple lycra stripes sewn to them. The boot's soles actually disintegrated at SDCC (2007) and I haven't replaced them yet... I just wear another pair of black boots I own instead (sans purple stripes). I also want to replace the over-the-knee socks with something better, they were a bit more thick than I thought when I ordered them and not as tight so they fall down a little bit. I think I know what I am going to do to fix it (I will post that when complete).

Since Angela sewed the costume I am not sure of all the techniques she used. She has a serger so she was able to make it easier than I would ever be able to do! The white trim on the whole costume is a 2" width on the cape and then the vertical strip on the body suit is the same.

Costume and Price Breakdown (estimates):

Fabric: About $40 worth of Lycra fabric... I bought extra purple so I could redo the boots and socks. The bodysuit, shorts and socks... about $60 with shipping.
Pattern: n/a
Wig: $40
Shoes: Booooo to these boots, they looked perfect, but fell apart, but they only cost me $30... need to be replaced!
Weapon Props: n/a (I know she uses a bowstaff and crossbow, but carrying stuff is sometimes a bother!)
Other Accessories: The leather mask was about $50. I also bought some crazy magenta-pinky lipstick like she has in the cartoon. It looked really bright! The belt was $20 and the ring boxes where about $10. Purple eyelets where $5 and paint $2.
Time to Build: Not sure how long it took Angela to sew everything together... I will ask her! The belt boxes (painting & attaching the elastic and eyelets) was about an hour or so. Sewing the lycra to the leather boots took a long time and then found out after I could have easily glued it... but that is for next time!

Enjoy the photos :)


  1. It's good to see some cosplayers actually seem to know what they are doing. Fantastic!

  2. That is BRILLIANT!! I love JLU Huntress. I wish I had the body to do the bare midriff.


  3. Fantastic! Thanks for the tips. I have been trying to figure out how to put together this costume for a while now... Haven't had much luck with finding the right boots either, but I liked your sock solution for getting them high enough. Your costume came together really well!!

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